Monday, December 7, 2009

Sneaky Fast

ORN [Obligatory Running Note]: Rest day today.

Yesterday I ran my last run of any significant distance - 15 miles at base pace (9:10- 10:10).

Here's the stats:

  1. 10:12
  2. 10:40
  3. 11:06
  4. 09:51
  5. 10:30
  6. 10:21
  7. 10:22
  8. 09:17
  9. 09:12
  10. 09:58
  11. 09:46
  12. 10:26
  13. 09:33
  14. 11:05
  15. 09:25

Average pace: 10:07.

Looks pretty normal, huh? I mean, besides all that uneven pacing going on. Yeah, well, here's what mile splits don't tell you: From the very start of my run, I could not keep the speed demons down! Every time I glanced at Garmin (pbtn) to check my pace, I would see 8:44, or 8:16, or 7:48 (or 6:52!!) ..or some other crazy-fast number, and have to slow my fast self down.

So, in actuality, the run was more like sections of running waay to fast interspersed with sections of slowing waaay down. Something like this:

Run way too fast.
Check Garmin (pbtn).
Slow way the hell down.
Repeat 40 to 50 times.

Obviously, all this rest is doing me good. It appears to be true that tapering (uh hm. I mean peaking) results in a sudden increase of fast twitch fibers. I felt GREAT. And FAST. And CONFIDENT. And unable to start a sentence without a conjunction.

But after awhile, the inability to control my pace became the worry du jur:

Please, please, oh gods of running, let me be able to control myself better than this on Saturday!

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