Thursday, January 7, 2010

RACING WEIGHT: How To Get Lean For Peak Performance

This is probably not the best time to be reading Matt Fitzgerald's new book, "RACING WEIGHT- How To Get Lean For Peak Performance". The mysterious 5 lbs. I gain after every marathon is not yet lost, my clothes feel tight, the weather is anything but conducive to upping mileage, and envisioning myself at racing weight is just really, really hard to do right now.

However, I am a BIG fan of Matt's. I think his most well known book, Brain Training for Runners, is the first book about running to contain new information since Galloway's book on Running from the 80's). I have wanted his new book from the moment I heard about it.

I got RACING WEIGHT for Christmas, and I read it over a couple of days. It's a solid read, and although technically there's not a lot of "new" information in it (especially if you follow(ed) Matt's blog or if you check out his articles at, the already existing info is molded into a 5-Step Plan, and that IS new. And it looks GOOD, and bad timing aside, I am EXCITED about it.

I'm not sure I'll do an "official" book review for it, but you will undoubtedly hear more about it as I try to get those last 5-7 pounds successfully off for the first time, and toe the line in April as a mean, LEAN, racing machine.

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  1. First, I want to read this book, and second, what a year! PRs from 5k-marathon. Awesome! I just spent a good 1/2 hour reading trough your blog. Its really wonderful!