Monday, March 1, 2010

Goodbye Olympics, Goodbye February

I'm gonna miss the Olympics. It's been so nice to have an alternative viewing option to the regularly scheduled programming. Although, even the Olympics gets booted if HIMYM is on.

I'm most surprised about how exciting watching XC Skiing has been. Is it just me? I found myself jumping up and down at the end of the Women's 30K race. Yesterday, I missed the last 15 minutes of the Men’s 50K race because we had to leave to make it on time to go see Avatar. I actually wondered about the race during the movie (that is, when I wasn't busy thinking about how totally cool it would be to have a tail). Sure enough, the race was fabulously exciting at the end- a sprint/ photo finish. How could anyone NOT get excited about this stuff?? Seriously, Mm!

Speaking of close finishes, I was just over at The Science of Sport reading about... Olympics. They have a nice blog post today about 1% differences, and how tight the margins in sport are. They posted a link to this website that is well worth a look - a fascinating piece from the New York Times looking at the margins between victory and defeat as "an Olympic musical", where each sound effectively represents an athlete crossing the finish line after the winner. Cool stuff. Somehow, it makes me want to drive on Honda's musical road...

Also over...the short, cold, depressing month of February. Here the month's statistical rundown:

Total Miles: 193.5 miles
Highest Weekly: 60 miles
Average Weekly: 48 miles
The Monthly Dif: -12.5 miles


  1. I am going to miss the Olympics too! It has been so fun to watch them:) Man, you will always kick my butt for monthy miles!! I am so impressed by the high miles that you are logging:) Maybe if I ran longer distances I wouldn't feel like half marathons took forever and seem so long:) Good job!!

  2. Thanks for stoping by and your kind thoughts :)
    You had a great month! And I'm gonna miss the Olympics, too!

  3. Loved the XC. The power those athletes exhibit is impressive and the strength in their arms is something to watch. When you contemplate the speed of the guys getting lapped... puts performance into perspective.

    But- now, it is March and I think the sun is suppose to be out there somewhere?? Funny how Feb. seems so dinky at the end when you total your mileage;) just three days short gets you away from 200...??? almost spring!