Thursday, July 1, 2010

Foothills Trail Run Preview

We plan to commit our breaking and entering Foothills Trail Run during the much anticipated pre-dawn hours of July 24th.

As this plot unfolds, it is becoming apparent that most important part of this delinquincyadventure run will be to foil the elaborate security mechanisms set forth by the State Park Ranger (played by Samulel L. Jackson), who, for reasons beyond my comprehension, is determined to keep the Foothills Trail one of the most unsung, underused, and underrated long trails in the Southeast.

With no financing and backing from a wealthy ex-casino owner, our elaborate sting will involve a number of interlocked distractions which must be coordinated precisely. It goes without saying that I could tell you our plan, but then I would have to kill you.

So, you ask, "What is so important that you risk banishment from a State Park death and dismemberment so much?

There are lots of answers to this question, but what comes to mind right now is that the Foothills Trail Run represents a great challenge to me, one that I expect will push me to my personal limits just to finish. I will be surrounded by pain and adventure so thick it's a foregone conclusion I will finish the day a very different person than when I started, no matter how my day goes.

To be continued...


  1. Does said plan included donuts???

  2. Hey, just got in that shipment of night vision goggles you ordered - I'll bring them up with me along with the fuses, trip-wire, and hacksaws....shhhhh, don't tell a soul.

  3. The first rule of Foothills Trail Club is do not talk about Foothills Trail Club.

    The second rule of Foothills Trail Club is DO NOT talk about Foothills Trail Club!

  4. Move fast, my running ninja sista!

  5. not sure what the jail time/fine is going to be, but it will be worth it :]

  6. NICE@!!!!!! This is awesome.