Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Folkmoot 5K - Race Report

It was beautiful weather for the Folkmoot 5k. The temperature was in the mid 50s as Leopold and I made the drive to Waynesville. Nearly 300 runners turned out for the race.

The course was a loop beginning in front of the Folkmoot Center on Virginia Avenue. The first 1.5 miles were downhill or slightly flat. The back half of the race featured several mild hills just to make things interesting.

My race plan was to average 7:40 pace. This was based on the fact that I just ran a 5K in 7:46 average pace, and this course would be flatter than that last course. I knew my plan was out the window when I came through mile 1 in 7:13. It would have been OK to be a little fast, given this downhill section, but I estimate I was 15-20 seconds too fast, thereby killing any hope for 7:40 pace. Mile 2 was 7:43. Mile 3 was 8:03. I was happy to at least shave 5 seconds off my previous time, finishing in 24:00 flat.

In most races, a time of 24:00 would not qualify as an age group placing time. But for this race it was good enough for first in my age group. Man, I love getting awards, so thanks to all you women who stayed home:-).

Leopold ran the Kids' Fun Run and took 2nd place overall! It was an exciting finish. 3 girls closing in on him right at the finish line. He barely saw them in time to out-sprint them right at the finish line.
All in all, this was a fun race with good awards and a festival atmosphere.

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