Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's In Your Wallet?

At most, I run with my car key (which I double tie to my shoe), Garmin (pbtn), and (occasionally) my iPod Shuffle. Add jacket, hat, and gloves in cold weather, and that's about it. I never carry water, even on long runs (I'll do a water and food drop for long, long runs).

I can think of a few things I should probably consider adding to this: Road ID, perhaps. Sunscreen. Gummy Bears. A cape. Yes, I said a cape. Some consider the cape an unneccesary accessory. Road essential gear, I say!
Me, circa 1974

In other acccessory-related news...Last night I thought it would be fun to compare Leopold's wallet to my husband's. Conclusion:

So, Inquiring Minds want to know: What items do you take with you when you head out the door for a run? And why? And what does that say about you?

[ORN: Obligatory Running Note] 4 miles of running drills at UNCA Track yesterday morning. Additional 4 mile run last night. It's been 4 weeks since I've incorporated running drills into my program. This session was the first time I actually enjoyed them. I'm not sure what changed, but it's about time! Also, it might be my imagination, but I believe all the stretching and MR I've been doing on my hip flexors and external rotators is finally paying off. The flexibility improvement is obvious, but my stride has felt more powerful and I've noticed I'm running more with my butt- how weird does that sound? There's no other way to say it, though. Butt muscles are definitely more engaged. Niiice:)


  1. I always have my cell phone, my keys and garmin. Not sure what that says about me, if anything LOL.

  2. For me it depends on when and where I am running. If it is in the spring or summer and close to my house I will just head out the door with my ID, garmin, sunglasses,sunscreen and running visor. If it is farther away and I drive to where I am running I may take a bottle of water and stash it somewhere so that I can have a drink later and I would have to tie my key to my shoelace. Sometimes I bring chapstick and a camera. If it is winter I would need my winter running gear. Man, I am probably forgetting something....great question!! Have a great day:)

  3. A solitary car key.

    On a long run I will carry a Nathan bottle with a few gels in there. I wear a Timex Ironman to keep track of time on the way out and use percieved effort to deduce mileage.

    This time of year I wear tights, hat gloves, long sleeve; maybe a neck warmer on really windy and cold days.

  4. I don't even carry a car key. (I stuff it under my front tire when I'm not leaving from home.) I do HAVE to have my shuffle, but that's about it. I can run without my Garmin and never with water. Oddly enough, that's the only part of my life that's low-maintainence.

  5. I have so many bodily adornments, I look like a freak! I have hydration issues (horrible!) so I must take water and Hammer Gel and Perpetuem, my iPod (a must-have), bandana to constantly blow my nose, sunglasses, car key, Garmin, hat, chapstick, sometimes my cell phone, sometimes my camera. I win a prize??

  6. Road ID if running solo, spare car key in my key pocket and my Garmy...I will take a handheld water bottle if I am going over 8 miles and don't have water drops on the route. A GU or two for anything over 10 miles.

    I used to run with my iPod but have begun running less and less with it and I really like my runs without it better these days....