Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The New Adventures of Young Leopold

Last name, Ever.
First Name, Greatest.

That's Leopold's aka. Really. Just ask him.

What's he doing now, you ask? Well, let me tell you. Leopold has set his sights on finishing the Asheville Triathlon on July 18.

Swim: 400 meters
Bike: 11.6 miles
Run: 5K

How did this come about? Well, first, it's not exactly a new idea. He's wanted to do a triathlon for a while. What's kept him back (besides his inherited lack of swim finesse) is our lack of a road bike. Like most kids, he has a Mountain Bike.

He has wanted a road bike for for like EVER and I wanted to get him one for Christmas. That was, until I found out they do not make road bikes for people his size. (That's just discrimination. Seriously, who do I have to sue?*). Apparently, companies who make road bikes are missing out on a big share of the Junior market. With few exceptions, none of the big companies carry a bike small enough. And special order bikes are pricey. We were forced to tell Leopold we did not love him enough to buy him a $2,500 bike.**

So, anyways, I was at the YWCA yesterday morning and was talking with Jeff Carnivale -trainer, marathoner, triathlete, super cool guy. He has started up a Tri Training group and he put me on the e-mail list. I mention we don't have a bike for the training, and just when I thought he was going to loan us one he told me you can convert a mountain bike to a road bike for a triathlon. Ta Da!! Sweet. He said the magic words.

I told Leopold that this was an option, and the rest is history. Or WILL be history on July 18. Is my son awesome or WHAT?

* LawMonkey, you cannot count that as my first question.
** Like he didn't know THAT already.


  1. I saw TONS of people on mtn bikes at the tri I did on Sunday. Go Leopold!!!

  2. Go Leopold... you are one cool kid!

  3. Rats!!! I have a mt bike and that was always my excuse for not doing any triathlons! ;)
    Excellent goal for Leopold!! So very cool!!

  4. From the couple of triathlons that I've watched, I've seen people with all manner of bikes. Either way, I think you're cool. Leopold too.

  5. This is awesome!!! I'm hoping on doing my first this fall. Have him pass on any tips!

  6. I expect that I won't have the "no bike" excuse for much longer either, but I don't know if I can pull off the bike shorts! And I don't charge by the question, silly rabbit! It's by the hour, and I can talk for a loooonnnggg time!