Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Running On Lightning Bolts

You saw it here first. I just approved the art design for our Blackhawk Boys Spring Season 2010 t-shirt. I submitted the winning design from our T-Shirt Design Contest to the printer who then "translated" the art work it into our shirt.

Drum roll, please...

Another awesome shirt! Can't wait until Thursday to show it to them. Hope everyone is having a great day, enjoying this hot weather!


  1. Will these be available to the general public?

  2. That is one fierce T-shirt!! The boys did good:)

  3. The shirt looks great!! The boys must be excited.

  4. Just a note on the "new" photo on my blog. It's from 2008, when I dislocated that left hip, popped it back and finished a 50K. Two days in the hospital followed for various reasons. I try to make the photo fit my mood and I've gone from "training" to "injured."

  5. Oh, and about Ritchie's 6:31 100K. He set the world record of 6:10 a couple of years earlier. That's an even 6 minutes per mile!

    The only record that impresses me more is Yiannis Kouros running 188.61 miles in one day. That's 7 marathons, all in 3:20!