Saturday, April 10, 2010

That's More Like It

Well, it's about frikkin' time. I FINALLY ran a Progression Run I'm happy with:

First, I ran 13 miles in 2:09 (about 10:07 avg. pace). I then ran 5 more progressively faster miles.

Here are the splits:

8:07 -that's right!

I ran those last 5 miles in 46 minutes flat. (Avg. pace 9:11). I've heard (McMillan?) that on a fast-finish run like this, the average pace you can maintain in the fast-finish part is probably the marathon pace you'll be able to sustain in your race. I like this. I felt as if I could have run one more mile in the 7:50's.

It is so good to be feeling strong a couple of weeks out from the race.

I just checked up on Matt Patten, who's running the Zumbro 100, and according to Helen he's doing fine at 37 miles. Average pace 9:50ish. Hang in there, Matt!

That's it for now! Happy Saturday.


  1. Hello - Nice Run! Congrats! I loved the jokes too. I especially love the lipstick one which I will forward on to my sister who is a teacher and will really appreciate that one.

  2. Woohoo! You are amazing! I am totally impressed with your pace :)

  3. Nice pace. And now thank you again for guilting me into another progression run (or in my case non-progression run). Not long now, girlfriend!

  4. Rock star!! Nice work there girl:) I am green with jealously!!

    Matt just posted an update on his should go check it out.

  5. Nice work, you are ready to take the Earth Day Challenge down.

  6. NICE!!!! thank goodness you have a race on the schedule!

  7. JEALOUS!!! But very, very happy for you! You and I are on the same training program, I think, where we just struggle with these kinds of runs so I'm really happy you knocked one off!! YEA!!!!

  8. Impressive! Sounds like a tough run, but I think you nailed it.

  9. Psyche,

    Thanks for checking up on me, and thanks for reading the blog.

    You know, the guy who won it last year is from Winnepeg... eh?

    When I was laying by the campfire, I actually thought "how am I going to explain this one?" Then, I just didn't care anymore. I feel better now.

    Looks like you are progressing well. Hope to see some PR's coming down the pipe.

  10. Nice job Psyche. Just slightly more than a week until the race. Hmmm, wait! Did you run 13 miles, or 18 miles? Either way those last 5 miles ROCKED!
    Now hopefully you can relax a little prior to the race.