Wednesday, June 2, 2010

7 Magical Random Things

I’ve been tagged by Georgia Snail in this 7 Random Facts meme.

Now seven random facts about me:
  1. I just had to look up "meme" in Wikipidia. (It's not uncommon for me to use a word, then look it up).
  2. In reference to the Myers-Briggs personality typing, I'm an INTJ. I've long since forgotten everything about that test except for the fact that only 2.1% of people are INTJ's and that made me feel lonely:(.
  3. We just took the DiSC communication test at work. I'm the only Dominant/ Influential person at my work. That just made me think of Dogbert.
  4. I wish I was good at joke telling, but I'm not. That's why I have 5 Jokes Fridays- it's my way around the problem.
  5. I love a good quote. For example, "Nothing is written." - Lawrence of Arabia. Awesome!
  6. I've recently become intrigued with geneology. I have no idea why.
  7. I don't know why, but I love the number 7. I'm convinced it's magical special. Yet, I've never bothered to research it. It's like it's more fun believing it's magicalspecial than finding out that it's not. That probably says something about me.
Okay now the fun tagging some other suckers, er, bloggers …

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I guess there are rules … but you know them by now (write your things, tag seven other people, let them know, blah, blah, blah).


  1. ...Because the voices tell me 77 miles in late July sets up my Hundo in November perfectly:)

  2. Lawrence of Arabia is the shiznit. Fact. Now, go look up "shiznit".

    Expresses extensive emotional satisfaction or glorification of any given noun. Often used by those who lack the vocabulary to express the true essence of the situation.
    Other meanings: Shit, fecies, poo, doodoo, dung, crap and excrement.

    Shiznit can also be used interjectionally.

    Generally "shiznit" can be seen as a last resort when all other means of expression fail.

    "Shiznit! That whip is the absolute and utter shiznit!"

  4. The number seven is magical because it signifies the month of my birthday!

  5. I can totally get your interest in geleology:) I wish I would of taken more classes in college that centered or touched on it.

    Number seven is my favorite number:) It always has been. My birthday is on the 7th and now whenever I get a race bib with a number 7 in it I consider it lucky! Great list:)

  6. @Julie - I hesitate to share this, but you seem like a nice person. But your desire to have the #7 in a race number is NOT a good thing. Please go to the second post of this archive for more information.

  7. There's a bit of nastiness that hits between 70 and 85 miles; that 77 miler will definitely give you a taste of it!

    I'm an INFP (0.8%), but I don't feel lonely. INFP's like being alone - and then they write poetry about it.

  8. Very fun list, thanks!! I like #1, I do that also :).

  9. How cool ... you tagged me :)

    I will do this as soon as I get caught up on work!

  10. Thanks for tagging me, I'll have to think about my 7.

    Good luck at Chattooga. I'm switching to the Black Mountain Awesomeness 12 hour race. The predicted temps in the 90's and limited aid stations scare me. There are a couple other races on your schedule I'm comtemplating. Rocket City is about a definite for sure.

  11. Hey! Isn't it 5 joke Friday??

  12. Great list! I disagree, I always crack up at your virtual joke telling ability.