Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Foothills Trail Winterfest 2011 - Preview

My fascination with, attraction to, and love for the Foothills Trail is in full bloom as I prepare for the upcoming winter attempt - a run that may or may not happen. This one all hinges on weather. The last weather forecast has a low pressure sytem moving in bringing high winds and sub-20 temps.

As long as the predicted temps are above 20 degrees, I'll make the attempt.

Very cool weather graph provided by Clark Lind, SMSgt 14WS/CCM

At the time this image was taken (5 days ago or so) there was still plenty of snow coverage at Table Rock and Sassafrass Mountain. That probably worries me the most as I envision an icy climb up Pinnacle and Sassafrass Mountain.

FHT looks especially bad-ass from space

So far, training runs in the snow on nearby trails and on other parts of the FHT show that footing will be tough and especially slow if there is snow. This attempt may just end up being an especially long training run that sets up a more successful Spring attempt.

Or it may end in disaster.

Or be my best run yet.

No matter what's bound to be a wild ride.


  1. It sounds exciting! I'd be more worried about the footing than the temperature, but I'm crazy like that :) Keep us posted!!!

  2. Yea Psyche - you've finally lost it posting pictures of trails from outer space (whoa chick!). Can't wait for the beatdown! I'm still holding out for 45 degrees and sunny for 36 hours. Probably only in my dreams.

  3. Sounds like you are more than ready for the fun that is to follow if the run goes down. Keep it up, I enjoy reading about your adventures.

  4. just following the planning on the listserv is building teh stoke for me...I look forward to getting on that trail on day!

  5. I think everything looks bad ass from space. People tell me that is when I look the best.