Monday, March 26, 2012

Catching Up While Weighting

No good blog post ever started with, "I haven't posted in so long that I figure writing anything is better than nothing."

Oh, well. I can live with that.

Silent? Yes, guilty as charged.

Silent because nothing newsworthy has happened in nearly 4 months? Hardly.

This is a time of monumental ch-ch-ch-changes. Over these last months, if I had written about everything as it unfolded, it would be incredibly entertaining to read time consuming to write.

Cue the bullet point.

Obviously, I'm taking the lazy person's way out here, but you didn't really think I could tackle 4 months of my life at a time, did you?

The 4-month recap:

  • DIVORCE. I am officially divorced. In an ironic twist, my divorce became final on Valentine's Day. In some ways, I feel as if a weight has been lifted, but things won't really feel "final final" until all the associated divorce issues are resolved in court. By the way, divorce sucks. Even "amicable" divorces suck.
  • RUNNING. Running on the down low. I've been in a Jeremiah Johnston phase training mostly around Chimney Rock/ Lake Lure/ Rumbling Bald...which is awesome.
  • BARKLEY. I'm on the weight list for the Barkley Marathons- #2 and weighting as I write this. I cannot weight to get up to FHSP. Run or hang out and watch the will be amazing. More on this later.
  • BIRTHDAY. I had a birthday. Forty Five...sounds a lot older than 44 somehow. Don't really care. My cake was awesome.
  • BOOK. I wrote a book...kind of. I worked like a crazy person for 5 weeks straight to develop a study guide and a certification course for managed care contract negotiators. You can say you knew me when.
  • HOUSE. The house finally went on the market a few days ago. Beverly Hanks did a fantastic job with the pictures. I have very mixed emotions about it. But mostly, I just want to put all the divorce stuff behind me and concentrate on the Charles stuff in front of me. Life is too short.
  • LOVE. I remain the luckiest person in the entire world. Nuff said.

In summary, life is in transition, but then...when is it not?

Rock on...


  1. Welcome back to posting - you've been missed!
    *yes, and yes it does.
    *does sound awesome!
    *Amazing - can't wait to hear more!
    *Had one of those last year. Wait, your not in your 30's?!
    *you rock!
    *can almost be as bad as 1. Good luck!
    *Good for you!!!

  2. yeah buddy! Can't wait to hang out with y'all this week!