Monday, August 17, 2009

Week 7 Training Update

It's time for another weekly training update.

The numbers:

Total weekly mileage: 60.0 miles
Average Intensity Factor: .89
Total Hours: 12:30
Long run: 14 miles
Average weight: 120.00 (-1 lb.)
% body fat: 17.4%
Average hrs. of sleep/night: 7:45

Some things I've noticed this week: First, running more (more mileage and more times per week) is improving my running economy. I've experienced the sensation of "dialing in" my most efficient stride more than once this week, ususally on recovery runs. It's very cool to feel my body responding to training this way.

Second, I've now bombed out two weeks in a row in trying to run my "long run" at base pace. Last week, I ran out of gas after 8 miles- this week I only made it to 7 miles. I endured a very painful second 7 miles on Saturday, prompting me to fix this "error" as soon as possible. My next long run is in 2 weeks, so I still have time.

Finally, it seems my body is adjusting nicely to the additional recovery runs. These may turn out to be the most important change I've made. As I mentioned above, they seem to be improving my running economy, and they also seems to be helping me shed extra fat.

Next week is a step down week, with mileage reduced about 20%. Calories will have to be adjusted as well if I want to keep losing fat.

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