Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Run Like You're FAST...

Like many runners, I refuse to use the word “fast” to describe myself. I know that I will not reach my true potential if I don't find a way to get past this. I also know that it doesn’t matter if you’re world class, or if you’re over weight and can’t run at all, call yourself “fast” and you will become faster than you are now. So I’m taking the first steps to curing my disease. I’m making the decision to call myself “fast” and I’m setting up this training blog for others to see and comment on.

Part of the reason for a blog is not only to keep a log, but to engage in the community of "putting it out there." This includes not only putting my training out there so that it can be reviewed, commented on, etc, but putting my goals out there as well. It holds me accountable to some degree to those goals.

So, here goes: My remaining running goal for 2009 is to run a 3:50 marathon and qualify for Boston. Yes, I want a huge marathon PR this year, and I’m willing to do what it takes.

Hopefully this blog will offer an inside look at the life of a serious runner going for one of the biggest goals a runner can have: Boston. I'll do my best to mention everything that I encounter throughout my miles.... It is also my hope that people will enjoy my posts and maybe even take some inspiration from them.

Years from now my family, friends, and others will be able to know how I trained, what I tried, and what it took to succeed. They will know how I felt during my workouts, and how I dealt with different physical or mental challenges. I will be more than just an old woman to them. And hopefully they will learn something from my experience that will apply to more than running.

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