Thursday, February 4, 2010

Runamuck Post

All evidence to the contrary, I usually have a topic in mind for a post. However, my head is filled with many thoughts today, all of which are competing for the top honor of blog post. None are worthy of the honor in and of themselves, so for the sake of stopping the chaos of my mind, todays post will be a proverbial purge of topics,ideas, and photos. I feel better already!

Snow Pictures!

I live on a golf course, but I don't play golf, and hardly ever run on it because it is one hilly mofo. I occasionally do strides on the driving range, but for the most part these well-groomed hills are ignored. I'm going to have to re-think this approach after the fun time I had with my son last week. The snow presented a perfect opportunity to romp and play and dabble in the occult, while still getting in some semblance of a run.

Look, mom, I can draw in the snow!

Two days later the Pentagram was still visible from the road.
Thank god he didn't write his name, too.

The thing with snow covered hills is that with all that whiteness, you lose your depth perception. So we'd find ourselves running full speed ahead one moment, and face planted the next. This is a good look for me. Don'tcha think? Skelator meets Jaws.

Boys On The Run - Back In Business February 18

This will be our 4th season on Boys On The Run at Weaverville Elementary School. I always look forward to the 1st week because we hold a T-Shirt design contest. The winning design is turned into our Season T-Shirt. We get them in time for our race, and even though we don't have a shirt for many weeks, the boys like that they get a custom shirt. Something to flaunt in the face of their arch-nemesis- Girls On The Run!

Here are some pics from Season's past...


I have a key workout planned for later today (3 x 1.5 mile @ Tempo pace, with steady 1/2 mile recovery in between). Not as hard as mixed intervals, but I still psyche myself up for it (can you even believe I would say, "Psyche myself up"? Now that I think about it, it sounds kinda dirty).

Anyways, I find certain phrases, or mantras if you will, helpful in completing harder workouts. My newest one is taken straight from the movie, "Whip It". I love the roller derby coach! He fires up the team, then says, "Go get ya some." I find that so inspiring. It's like, go get ya some...glory, or (insert inspirational adjective here).

I'm gonna take it for a test drive today and see how it works. 2 mile warm up, then... I'm gonna go get me some.


  1. Well, go get it then. Maybe I will start Sean-ing myself up before interval sessions... maybe not;)

  2. I love the pictures!! Your son is so cute and I bet he has lots of adorable girls crushing on him:) I almost rented Whip it yesterday...did you like it? I hope you have a great workout today:)

  3. Looked like fun in the snow :)
    Hope ya got ya some "happy feet"!

  4. I like last year's BOTR the whole Flash Gordon thing going...

  5. Dabbling in the for the whole family!

    Hope you got some out on your run! Wow...I think that sounds even dirtier ;)

  6. Go get ya some....paying off in dividends:)

  7. Sorry I'm late to the party, but I love the last (Dr. Suess) post. I once wrote a children's book: "30 Minutes to More Effective Tantrums."

  8. loved the pics, thanks for sharing!