Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Funnies - 10 Craziest Products You Can Buy That Aren't Bacon

Everyone loves bacon. (Well, accept for vegetarians, but even they have fake bacon). Well, now you can show your support for bacon without having to eat it. Instead you can share your bacon loving pride with a variety of bacon products that aren’t bacon.


That's right folks, bacon lube. What do you say: me, you, some Baconlube? Haha, did I just describe your wildest fantasy? Well tell me -- in your fantasy did you make me a BLT afterwards? Because that's a must.

Not quite as tasty as real bacon, but better for your arteries. A great alternative for people who love bacon but have cholesterol problems; unfortunately if you are a diabetic with cholesterol problems you are pretty much screwed.

Bacon Soap. Because in a perfect world, wouldn't all personal hygiene products smell like meat?

Mmmm.... bacon. Is there anything it can't do? Besides being delicious to eat, bacon can now help you keep your pants up!Best of all, this bacon belt will give you ample room to expand after eating a lot of ... you guessed it, bacon!

O.K. this is fake. But wouldn't it be cool if it weren't?

What do you get when you cross Cheetos lip balm and bacon flavored lube? A BACON-CHEESE ORGY TO REMEMBER, AM I RIGHT? God, I sure hope I'm not. You people are freaks.

How many times were you told as a kid not to blow bubbles with your breakfast meat? "Don't blow bubbles with your bacon!" Mom would say, and "what's wrong with you? You're just like your father!" Ok, maybe the last part was just me, but still, have you ever tried to blow bubbles with bacon - it doesn't really work. It just makes a mess around the kitchen and leaves grease burns on your lips. Sound the trumpets because Bacon Gumballs are here. Hurrah!

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