Monday, October 19, 2009

Week 16: Training Update

This was a mileage cut back week that culminated in a 10K race on Saturday. Race results: 49:13 (7:55 average pace), 6th place overall (no trophy or medal!).

Here are the numbers:

Total weekly mileage: 30.5 miles
Average Intensity Factor: .905
Total Hours: 6.5
Long run: 10K Race
Miles run on trail/ dirt: Approx. 6
Average weight: Who knows
% body fat: 16% I hope
Average hrs. of sleep: 7.0

This was a strange week, with the mysterious time-sucking foot troubles and all. I bailed out of some workouts and took 1 unscheduled day off because of the foot. Overall, though, I had my 3 key workouts (including the race) so i don't feel too badly. Also, I found my orthotics,so I'm hoping my foot issue will resolve itself shortly. And just in time! MAJOR mileage coming up in the next few weeks.

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