Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Marathon Fever

ORN [Obligatory Running Note]: Ran 8 miles at base pace. Hilly loop from YWCA that includes Sunset. Felt a bit lethargic after a day off.

Normally, I start getting hyper aware of the Marathon around the two-weeks-to-go mark. This time around, it's no different. Case in point: I bought milk last night, and noticed the expiration date was December 13. One day past my marathon (do you even read my blog??).

Time to check the race website on a daily basis trolling for new information, or to look up my registration just to make sure it's still there. Time to check the weather forecasts religiously, create my play list, and start planning out Race Day down to the second.

...It's a magical time that only comes once or twice a year--kinda like daylight savings.

It's Marathon Fever Time.

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