Monday, May 3, 2010

T-Shirt Giveaway!

To make up for Friday's cow jokes, I'm giving away 2 Blackhawk Boys T-Shirts. These would be the "extras" left over from our season, which culminated yesterday in the Run For The Hills 5K.*

The shirts are way cool. The model, not so much. The design is by Jacob Ingram, 4th grader at Weaverville Elementary School. I have 1 Medium and 1 Large Shirt, so before you enter...make sure I have a size that will actually fit you (duh).

Here is how you enter:

  • Leave a new comment for each entry and indicate the shirt size you want (they are adult sizes).

  • Follow my blog. Let me know if you already do or if you're new!(+1)

  • Link the giveaway on your blog, tweet it, put it on Facebook, whatever you want! (Leave a comment for EACH thing you do...I'm lazy) (+1!!)

  • Last, but not least....tell me a joke (I obviously need new material). (+1!)

    Hurry and register, kids! I will use the Random Number Generator for the first time to pick my 2 winners on Friday, May 7.

    If you find you don't like MY giveaway, and why wouldn't you, Trish over at KETTLECOPIA has not one, but two gift options to choose from. So, go get yerself from free stuff!!

    * The race report is coming- I'm waiting on pictures!!!

    1. I lurve the Blackhawk Boys T...please count me in...

    2. Oh, I also follow your blog...

    3. Oh boy, a t-shirt!! Yes, I am a follower:)

    4. Oops, I would like the size medium!

    5. I'm a medium and a follower :)

    6. I am a new follower and probably a future slacker follower as I struggle to keep up with my reader (just sayin') but I like what I see! :-)

    7. I follow you, and I'm a medium :)

    8. So this horse walks into a bar, the bartender says, "Hey, why the long face?"

      Dibs on the large T...

    9. SOOOOOOO, for some reason your blog got lost in my reader. Trying to catch up.

      I follow!!

    10. my joke / story

      My wife was a pretty good golfer in HS / college (she was on the HS team). I also have a buddy who lost his arm in a farming accident when he was in the 6th grade. He shot about par - IN THE SIXTH GRADE. So, even now with one arm he shoots in the 80s.

      So, a while back the three of us all went out and I got beat pretty good by a girl and a guy with one arm. :)