Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Enter and Win! Running Club Name Contest!!

Boys On The Run has to find a new name. Apparently, Girls On The Run doesn't like our name, and since they're dropping word bombs like "market confusion" and "trademark violation", I'm inclined to think it's time for a Running Club Name Contest!

Help us find a new name and we'll send you a FREE (New Name) T-Shirt!!

Here's what you do:

1. Think up a creative name that is appropriate for an afterschool running club for 3rd and 4th grade boys. Our focus is on creating healthy habits and leading an active lifestyle. We race a 5K at the end of each season.

2. Leave the name you suggest as a comment. You may leave as many names as you wish- the more the better!

3. Follow my blog. Leave a comment that you follow*

That's it.

Seriously, folks. This is simple.

We'll vote for our new name on Thursday, and if our name was one you suggested, you win!

So get busy and win yourself a T-Shirt!

Fluffy Bunny Track Club is taken.

Names being voted on so far:
Team Sock Monkey Track Club
Weaverville Warriors Track Club
WES Roadrunners
WES Racers
WES Striders
WES Harriers
WES Road Warriors
WES Cheetahs

* If you win and don't follow my blog you owe me $100


  1. Is "Lord of the Flies" taken already? Darn. Okay...how about "Real Boys Run" or something like that.

    And I already follow you. BAM!

  2. I don't have $100, so I don't want to win. Thus, I suggest "Spastic Misfits." Or maybe that was just me at that age.

  3. You should totally blog about iPod/no iPod. Discourse is good.

  4. I tried to come up with a few for you, but nothing seems to click right. Here are a few of my ramblings:
    Dudes on the go

    Road Runners

    Boys on the trail

    Boys kicking Asphalt

    Trail Blazers

    Boys on the Road

    Running Club for Boys

    Boys Running Club

  5. Boys to Men...

    Weaverville Wankers? (kidding, that was just for fun...or was it?)

    Boys Rule, Girls Drool...

    Weaverville Road Guardians

  6. I have always liked "The Positive Splits" running club as a name, but nobody ever gets the joke.

  7. Yes, because the word 'boys' is easily confused with 'girls'. Good God, people, trademark violations? What are you, a for-profit corporation?? How about...
    Boys Who Run and Hate Greedy/Sexist Non-Profits? Seems like a decent name.

  8. Okay, so here is a few more...

    The Fabulous Flyers
    The Super Speedsters
    The Running Rock Stars
    The Little Studs Running Club

    That is all I have for now...I will do some more thinking:)

  9. Ok - I am so NOT creative so I can't help ya there. I wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, I would HIGHLY recommend St. George - you will need to do some hill training, up and downhill training, but it's great. Low humidity, cool temps, pr course, and beautiful scenery as a bonus.

    I am seriously considering Huntsville in Dec. Maybe we both will be there.

  10. How about something like Strong Striders? Or maybe the Weaverville Fast Flyers? Just some ideas!

  11. Let me give it a try...I've got:

    Boys on track (or on the fast track)

    Cool Runners

    That's about all I've got...it's bedtime :)