Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Trifecta of Wrongness

I don't have a real post today, just some random thoughts that, when put together, masquerade as a post. Some people have names for these types of posts *. I haven't come up with a good one yet. Live with it. **

Last night while enjoying my post-run stretch and foam roller session at the Y, my eyes wandered to the wall above the mat area where they have a set of laminated fitness posters. I'm guessing the Y puts these up for instructional purposes, rather than entertainment value. Creative girl that I am, however, I managed to garner a good 15 minutes of entertainment out of these puppies. As I lay there stretching and foam rollering, I tried to imagine what what the designers of these posters must have been thinking when they felt the need to incorporate invisible clothes into their poster design. Perhaps there were multiple designers who disagreed on the clothing issue. Invisible clothing seems like a good compromise... Perhaps "marketing" advised them that body builders are generally not smart enough to identify muscle groups without a common reference point. On and on these thoughts went, so that by the time I left there last night, I was in a pretty good mood. Thank you, YWCA!

As you may know, I started a Boys On The Run program at a local elementary school because it just doesn't seem fair to only have Girls On The Run. Our Spring Season was delayed 3 weeks due to Snowpacolypse. Apparently, the boys have had no exercise at all during this time and have been existing on diets of sugar and caffeine. I'm happy to report that the boys now know how toplay Black Jack, and there was only one injury report filed.

This week... Craps! No, we'll be voting on our season T-Shirt design. It's one of my favorite things about BOTR. With all the rush to get the designs to the printer, I'm not expecting many boys to turn in a design. We'll see. Here's what my son is turning in:

* Nitmos, Vanilla, Viper, sRod (you know who you are)
** Or...Come up with a good name and I'll give you credit. I promise.


  1. I think it is GREAT that you have taken the initiative to start BOTR. In the interest of PC you better keep them away from any invisible clothing...

    Concerning Saucony Flats... I just raced in mine this weekend for the first time and they are wonderful, smoth, comfy glide. I think I can take them up to the marathon on the roads.

  2. "File Under ?" has a nice ring to it.

  3. Very cool that you came up with BOTR! I love the whole idea. And I like your son's shirt.

  4. I like your BOTR idea. I love your son's shirt. What a cool concept with doing something for the boys and designing shirts. I say use you Blog title on the shirts "Run Like Ya Stole Sumthin".

  5. What a great idea to call help from your blogger friends:) Oh great, now I have to do some big time thinking again:) I entered Jamoosh's brewery naming contest and I sucked at that:) I will have to do a little brainstorming!

    Ha ha, I like Tony's idea!

  6. That is wonderful that you started BOTR. I agree, if there is a GOTR it only makes sense that there should be a BOTR also.

    How about "Invisible clothing at the YWCA".

  7. Love the shirt! I wanted to start a BOTR group at my son's school, but my son has zero interest in running. Guess I'll have to wait until son #2 is older...

  8. LOVE the shirt. (and I cheated and looked ahead at the new boys name - love the name that they chose)