Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life Is Good With Beer & Running

Things could not be better here at Ye Old Doctors Management Beer and Running Club. For the first time, my marathon pace intervals did not feel too fast last night. I actually felt, dare I say it, comfortable.

Running last week's 5 x 2 miles (with steady 1/2 mile recovery in between), I was still feeling like 9:10 pace was too fast. I was really wrestling with the whole pace issue, but I managed to turn off the thinking and just did the work. Then I noticed how fast I recovered from it. Then I really noticed my fast recovery from the 16 miler steady run I did a couple days later.

Last night: 3 x 3 miles at 9:10 pace with the same steady (9:45) 1/2 mile recovery in between. I felt a bit sluggish warming up. That made me nervous. Then I started the workout and had to immediately rein it in from 7:45 pace. What is UP with that? I was thinking. The entire first interval was an exercise in holding back. I settled down on the second one, and was feeling pretty comfortable and happy. After the third, I dared to think that perhaps I am "arriving". My body seems to be adapting to marathon pace. The progression runs and steady state runs are going well. I have a 22-mile progression run Saturday. I think I'll run it in thirds, just like I plan to race. If it goes well, I'd say it's official: I am peaking at the right time for a marathon for the very first time. I am so happy.

Ah, but the beer news you all really came here for.

My boss, David Keller, looked like this when I arrived at work yesterday:

After nearly a 3 weeks wait, he finally received his Best of Show award(s) from the national Masters Championship of Amateur Brewing contest. That's right, folk, my very own boss won Best of Show with his nine-year-old old ale. Look at this pretty trophy:

If you didn't think this was enough to prove how lucky I am to work with such a cool guy, consider this: He's also a runner! He's currently sidelined with back issues, but not that long ago he was running 3:30 marathons. He's run the Shut-In Ridge Run more times than I can count. In fact he met his wife at Shut-In. His son, Aaron, still has the record for the youngest finisher (which my son, Leopold, is keening for).

There's some talent in that family- Aaron Keller is still on the All-Time Top 25 N.C. Track & Field Performances list with his 9:11 3,200 meters.

Yes, we love beer and running here.

Happy Thursday, every one!!


  1. Woo hoo, congrats to your boss on his brewing masterpiece:) I still need to find a beer that I love:) I am glad that marathon training is going wonderful for you!! I just know that you are going to kick a little ass:)

  2. When I saw that the award was for an Old Ale, I thought, phfffft! nobody makes old ales, he probably had the only entrant in the category. Then I noticed "Best of Show." That's impressive.

    Check out my friend Matt's blog "A Guy Who Runs;" he makes some of the best homebrew I've had (and I've had plenty)! He also has a brewing blog that's been inactive for a while.

    Sounds like the training's going really well!

  3. Got to love working for a man who makes good beer! Congrats to him!

    Great job on the training.

  4. Dude...that was sweet. He's, like, the perfect guy! Makes beer! Runs! Awesome.

    And YOU sound like you are running with awesomeness. Congratulations! I hope the good workouts follow you right up to race day :)

    And beyond, of course.

  5. Nice job on the intervals. Glad to hear you are peaking. That is awesome news! Keep it up. Less than 3 weeks, woohoo!

  6. Congrats to your very cool boss :)

    Glad to read that your training is going well these days...keep on doing it!!

  7. Would love to try some nine year old beer. The oldest one I have is only five years old.

  8. Your training is clicking and your amongst beer royalty. It sounds like everything is going nicely! Have a great weekend.

  9. WOW! That is awesome that he won the beer award!