Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Can't Get my Head In To It Intervals

I ran my planned 12 x 400 interval workout at UNCA’s track this morning. This is the first time I’ve actually done this workout on a Track. (I usually run my shorter intervals on the treadmill). Here’ the splits:

1. 1:40 (Oops, too fast!)
2. 1:48
3. 1:48
4. 1:45
5. 1:48
6. 1:48
7. 1:46
8. 1:48
9. 1:48
10. 1:39 (UNCA Track Team on the track- competitive mode takeover!)
11. 1:48
12. 1:47

My target was 1:52, so you can see I beat that time for all of them. I felt like I was running fast (duh!) but totally under control. I kept focused on my stride (especially “symmetry”), and did not feel particularly aerobically fatigued until the last one. Even then, I felt like I could have kept going. (I would have hated it, my legs would’ve hated it more, but I could have kept going).

So I bagged a good workout. What’s funny, is that I woke up dreading having to do intervals today. I just could not get myself "up" for the workout- even when I was doing quite well in the workout. To get me through, I just shut down my brain, unplugged everything but the basic motor functions and the parts that help me keep track of distance and pace. (Think HAL9000 here). I persevered, and it all turned out great. Obviously, there's some kind of lesson here. Something like life/ intervals are like a box of chocolates...

As a side note, since my split times were consistently under the target goal, I’m going to look to my next couple of hard workouts (plus the 5K time trial on the 19th) to see if I don’t need to adjust my TPL downward to 39 or 38). Now, THAT I can get my head into.

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