Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh Deer

ORN [Obligatory Running Note]: 10-mile base pace run. Ran from Weaver Park to Amboy Park and back. Nice flat course, although I started too late and ended up running in the dark. Need to get some night-time running gear soon.

The highlight of today's 10 miler was the deer that scared the crap out of me near UNCA. I was grooving along, listening to tell me how he's got a feeling...ooh oooh, when a car's headlamps revealed a pair of smallish blue-green phosphorescent lights in the woods by the creek to my right. Clearly, these were animal eyes staring at me. I thought to myself, "Wow. Those are too high off the ground and far apart to be a raccoon and too big to be a cat. WTF?" I stopped in my tracks, suddenly worried about bears and well, ...bears. Another car went by, shining its lights into the trees, but not quite revealing the animal who owned those eyes. I'm sure the animal was probably thinking the same thing I was -- WTF? Will that thing eat me? But it didn't move. It just stared. And so did I.

All of a suddent, it turned and sped off, barely 10 feet away from me, and I recognized it was a giant doe. In an instant, every YouTube video of a crazed deer attacking somebody flashed before my eyes. I knew I was going to die; OMG I was going to be killed by a deer. Or maybe the animal the deer just scared would decide to come after me instead. Oh, how I wished I had sent away for that Road ID, so my hoof-marked corpse could be easily identified. Then, a second-and-a-half later, it was all over. The deer had disappeared through the brush toward the college and safety, and my fear response was back in check.

"I am totally blogging this," I thought as I ran to my car.

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