Friday, September 25, 2009

Week 12 Training Update

Officially "half way there". This was a cut back week culminating in a 5K race. Race results: 23:42 (16 second PR), 7:36 pace, 2nd Place Masters Women, Dramatic sprint to the finish, Cool race shwag:-).

The weekly numbers:

Total weekly mileage: 44 miles
Average Intensity Factor: .991
Total Hours: 9.50
Long run: Race Day instead
Miles run on trail/ dirt: Approx. 7
# of Bears Seen: 0
Average weight: 120.6
% body fat: 16%
Average hrs. of sleep: 7.5

Next week (which is technically this week since I'm late in posting this) begins the "peak mileage" phase of training. Over the next 3 weeks mileage climbs to 72, 75, and 80 before backing off for race week.

As always, the goal is to stay healthy while covering the miles. Day by day, run by run.

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