Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another Uninspired Interval Workout

I guess I don't need the ORN rule if my entire post is about the day's run...

This morning's workout was 5x1000m at 7:36 pace (4:42) with 3 minutes active recovery in between. So happens, 3 minutes is a 400m jog. It was tough today, but mostly because I was feeling as if I didn't sleep at all last night. As a result, I felt like I was floundering... running terribly... struggling. These are the worst runs- where you feel like crap, but not so bad that you're not hitting your target pace, so you have to keep going.

It didn't help that I programmed the workout incorrectly in Garmin (pbtn), inputting 4:02 for each interval instead of 4:42. Nothing like feeling as if you're running waaaay too fast, but Garmin is yelling, "Speed Up!".

WTF? I knew something was wrong, so I started the workout over, timing the whole thing manually (gasp!), which left me able to figure out my math issues later.

Yet, for all the crappiness and confusion, or in spite of it, I was ahead of my target for each interval. Check out the splits:
Like a machine, right? The only thing I could complain about (besides feeling like crap, and it being too cold) is some increased soreness on the ball of my right foot. I need a new met pad, for sure. Dude.

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