Monday, September 21, 2009

The ORN Rule

I am going to start leading my posts with an item called “ORN.” I best explain it.

ORN stands for Obligatory Running Note. I believe it originated with John "The Penguin" Bingham. Here's is his full explanation of ORN. In short, he said:
To make SURE that at least SOME part of the post had SOMETHING to do with running they imposed the "ORN" rule. It stands for Obligatory Running Note. And it required the writer to describe their latest run.

This means that ORN will describe that day’s run…and everything else in the post is my current thoughts on running, life, faith, gadgets and whatever else is on my mind. I hope you enjoy the ride.

This works for me. With few exceptions, my posts really have nothing to do with that day's workout. But if I impose the ORN Rule, I can blog about whatever is on my mind and at the same time update you on my training. Excellent! . Consider the ORN Rule imposed.

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